Argent Wealth Management, Inc.

Argent Wealth Management, Inc. is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Adviser providing comprehensive Wealth Management, Investment Advisory, and Financial Planning services to clients in Texas and nationwide.

Why might Argent Wealth Management, Inc. be the right advisor for you?

  1. We are Fee-Only and as a Registered Investment Adviser have a Fiduciary Duty to our clients.
  2. We offer a range of services (from comprehensive to specific) and fee structures (annual or hourly) to meet the varying needs of our clients.
  3. We (Scott and Susan) both work with all of our clients. This team approach provides greater depth of analysis and continuity of service.
  4. We believe the simplest solution that accomplishes the objective is usually best. Unnecessary complexity can be both confusing and detrimental to long term plan success.
  5. We invest a lot of time making sure we understand our clients' needs and that clients understand our recommendations. In doing so we avoid surprises and build trust.
  6. We make investment recommendations based on risk tolerance, asset allocation, costs & fees, and tax efficiency (things we can control), not market timing and trying to pick hot stocks / funds (things we can't control). We recommend that clients hold their accounts at Vanguard and mostly use index funds to implement their portfolios.
  7. We coordinate with clients' other advisors (tax, insurance, estate, etc.) as appropriate.
  8. We communicate frequently with our clients and encourage them to communicate frequently with us.

Please contact us by phone or email if you are interested in learning more our services. Thank you. Scott Jacobsmeyer & Susan Lipscomb, Owners and Co-Founders, Argent Wealth Management, Inc.